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Watch this video to learn about how The New Picture House is being saved.

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  • The challenges of operating a cinema are being felt nationwide. Falling admission numbers, a lack of cinema content and movies being released directly to subscribers has profoundly changed the industry.  In St Andrews this has resulted in occupancy falling to 10% of the current cinema capacity. Unfortunately, this has meant the Cinema is no longer viable in its current form, meaning it would need to close or adapt to survive.

  • Yes – but they do need to change in order to remain viable. Most cinemas are now too big for the current and projected occupancy levels and throughout the country, cinema owners are looking to adapt by blending a smaller cinema with complementary leisure, food and beverage, and entertainment uses. Industry experts believe that with this approach, there remains a future for cinemas in our towns and cities.

  • It is neither a sports bar nor a gastro pub. Two of the existing three cinema screens will be retained and we are going to adapt the accommodation with the introduction of a range of other complementary uses including 4 Full Swing sports simulators, electronic darts, table football and a new lounge bar with dining.

  • Yes. At present the Cinema has 700 seats and on average, only 10% of these are used each day. The refurbishment will see approximately 350 seats for cinema customers, meaning there will be plenty capacity at the new venue.

  • The interior of the building is badly in need of refurbishment and this will be undertaken in a way that protects the existing character of the building both inside and out. Improvements to the Cinema seating and technology are also planned to enhance the viewing experience. Behind the scenes the current heating, ventilation and electric systems are very dated and are to be replaced with new more energy efficient equipment.

  • The building is listed and we will be working within those protocols. The New Picture House name is to remain above the front door, and both inside and outside the alterations will protect the unique heritage of both the building and the town.

  • Two of the three cinema screens are being retained and will continue to show films, just as The New Picture House does today.

  • Cinema 1 where the main auditorium is today will retain the large screen. The current chairs will be removed, and the space will be reimagined to include four Full Swing sports simulators for up to 14 games including golf, rugby, lacrosse and football.


    The area will also have comfortable lounge seating and a variety of tables positioned perfectly for watching blockbuster movies or the biggest sports matches on the big screen. This transformation is designed to make this cinema space a versatile and social area, ideal for gatherings of all kinds.

    While the space will become multi-functional, when a movie is being shown the lights will be dimmed, other activities will pause and the viewers will be able to watch a movie in a quiet setting, as they would be accustomed to.

  • Cinema 2 is to be removed and will be replaced with a new lounge bar, comfortable seats and an area for electronic darts. This area will integrate with the foyer, providing a link to the refurbished main auditorium.


    Cinema 3 is being retained, with improvements made to the seating and technology to enhance the customer experience. Expect a year-round schedule of films in this space.

  • Yes, T-Squared Social at New Picture House will welcome customers of all ages.

  • Following feedback from the local community, the upper level of the Cinema will remain unchanged. This level currently has 194 seats which are to be retained to give the best view of the big screen.

  • This venue will be fully open to the public and will operate as New Picture House does today, offering film showings as well as other entertainment and activities for residents, students and visitors to enjoy.

  • Yes. The design of the refurbished cinema will be multi-functional and our community activity will include opportunities for all ages and all participants from kids and family screenings, activities for senior members of the community, a venue to host film society and festival events and the flexibility to work with local community stakeholders as new and as yet unknown opportunities arise. Local film clubs and community groups will be most welcome to use the cinema.

  • No – a Cinema ticket will be as affordable as it is today.

  • No, we are pleased to keep The New Picture House name as part of the new venue.

  • Yes. Today New Picture House has 5 full-time employees and it expected that T-Squared Social at New Picture House will create 45-5o full-time positions once fully operational. All current employees of New Picture House will be extended the opportunity to work for T-Squared Social and David Morris, managing director of New Picture House for the past 25 years, has agreed to stay and manage the transition of the business to the new venture.

  • T-Squared Social at New Picture House is expected to open in Spring 2025.

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